The Awarua Communications Museum is one resource for learning or exploring New Zealand's communications heritage. Other websites offer their own insights in this field, or into other Southland activities. We share here some websites that may be of use to visitors.


Technology Sites

Awarua Radio Reunion 2014 - Facebook

Awarua Radio was was commissioned in 1913 and this Facebook site records the celebration of that event.

Maritime Radio

Neil Sanderson's 'Maritime Radio' website does a splendid job of recording the history of the NZPO coastal radio station service. Neil's work is acknowledged and his site is strongly recommended for its supporting information to that which we provide here.

The Awanui Radio references are particularly relevant as Awanui was a sister high-powered transmitting station to Awarua Radio and was constructed to Telefunken plans by the Australian Wireless Company (later to become AWA). Consequently, Awanui has strong matches of equipment, antennas and housing to those installed at Awarua.

Musick Point Radio Group

Musick Memorial Radio Station was named after famous aviator Captain Edwin C Musick and was the home of Auckland Radio ZLD and Auckland Radio ZLF (the aviation service for flying boats). Much of the equipment recorded on this site is consistent with that installed at Awarua Radio in the same era.

ZLW Remembered

This section of Jamie Pye's website provides good details of the receiving and transmitting equipment used at ZLW - the equipment again being consistent with that used at Awarua in the same era.

Unwin Radar

This project is located in a paddock towards the rear of the Awarua Station Farm. It is part of an Australian university study of auroras and the ionosphere.

Venture Southland, Awarua Satellite Station

On an isolated road just south of the Awarua Station Farm a satellite earth station provides support to European Space Agency missions to the International Space Station.

Southland Regional Sites

Bluff Maritime Museum

The captivating story of Bluff's maritime history.

Southland Museum and Art Gallery
The distinctive pyramid shaped Southland Museum and Art Gallery in Invercargill.