Awarua Book Launch and Revision


On Saturday 3 September Museum members and invited guests assembled at the Awarua Communications Museum to launch a book authored by Alex Glennie - A Scrapbook of History - Awarua Radio ZLB.

The 282 page A4 sized book contains photographs, maps, documents and stories of Awarua Radio from inception in 1913 until closure in 1991. As well it includes information on present-day auroral research via the Unwin Radar system and about Awarua Radio Space Tracking services.

Alex had conducted a family history research project of his father's life which included many years at the historic Awarua Radio Station. Once Alex had finished that work he found he had a significant number of records about the history of the station itself - items he felt were too valuable to just file or discard. He decided to compile this material as a separate record for his own family, however that little project developed a life of its own and became the amazing book that was launched this day.

Very generously, Alex chose to donate his work and its copyright to the Awarua Communications Museum to support a fundraising activity. Consequently the Museum has had the book printed and is offering it for sale at $60 per copy, plus $8 Track and Trace postage within New Zealand.

Our partner website Maritime Radio has provided an excellent record of the book launch activities in an article titled 2016: Awarua Radio book published. Our thanks to webmaster Neil Sanderson for making this record of the event available.

The interest in the book has been very high and consequently as of May 2017 it is out of print, despite having a second print run done.

Alex received lots of feedback which has prompted him to undertake more research, with the goal of producing a revised version containing more content. You are welcome to advise your interest in obtaining a copy of a revised version when it is printed in due course. Please do not forward any money at this time.